ISA Chairman in WFA meet April 2011 China

The WFA (World Federation of Advertisers) held their 58thAnnual General Meeting & Executive Committee Meeting on the 14th and the National Association Council meeting on the 15h April, 2011 in China. Venue was Crown Plaza Hotel, Beijing.


Mr. Bharat Patel, in his capacity as the Chairman of the ISA and also as a member in the Executive Committee of the WFA attended the above meetings. It is our pleasure to mention that ISA is a founder member of the WFA.

Members in the WFA comprise 60 National Association (of various countries) and also 60 corporate members.

Mr. Patel shares that it was a good opportunity for him to interact there on behalf of the ISA and to bring back his observation from the WFA's experiences and from sharing by various other national association representatives.

One of the things that Mr. Patel shared there was the work that was happening in the media front with the contribution of the Media Committee of the ISA.

Activities of WFA focused a lot more on the advocacies like those on Alcohol, Food etc. There were good number of committees formed under the fold of WFA e.g. Media Procurement Committee. There were a number of surveys being conducted the summaries shared for benefits of members. Certain other countries' national associations had Sponsorship Committee that would provide support for that association's activities as events or training or seminars. Philippines Association of National Advertisers ran a certification program for member companies on Digital Marketing.

The Chairman further shared with the Executive Council and the Secretariat of the ISA his thoughts on what could be emulated here from such idea of what WFA and other national associations have been doing.