New industry standard for Online Behavioural Advertising in the EU

WFA, in partnership with the leading associations representing the European advertising industry, has set out its commitment to implement an industry-wide self-regulatory standard for online behavioural advertising (OBA). Developed under the umbrella of the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA), and mirroring the self-regulatory programme of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) in the United States, this industry standard will ensure transparency and control over OBA for consumers in Europe.

The joint industry press release, issued by EASA on behalf of the European advertising industry, can be downloaded below.

Stephan Loerke, WFA Managing Director, said: "Improved targeting of online adverts offers enormous opportunities for marketers. Equally, there are genuine concerns about consumer privacy. This initiative goes a long way towards allowing marketers to deliver more relevant advertising while giving consumers more control over what data they share".

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Download EASA Press Release - "EASA protects consumers with new standards for Online Behavioural Advertising"

Download EASA Best Practice Recommendation on Online Behavioural Advertising