New WFA newsletter for National Advertiser Associations!

"By Association", is the new monthly newsletter exclusively for WFA's global national advertiser association network!

'By Association' is a chance to promote the work that any national association is doing:

- to tell the world about new appointments, new membership offerings and new initiatives
- to get worldwide exposure for your events
- to promote your latest publications

This a way to stay in touch with fellow associations around the world and keep track of their most current news. WFA hopes to be able to feature highlights, news snippets, and appointments from associations across the globe - some of which the concerned national association would no doubt know well, but others might yet to!

Mike Hughes, ISBA Director General and National Associations Council (NAC) Chairman welcomed the new publication: "I think By Association will be a great way of helping all of us to be more aware of what our colleagues are doing in other countries and reinforce the strong sense of community there is in the WFA national association network"

This newsletter will be compiled by WFA on the basis of suggestions from national associations and so the latter are asked to feel free to contact the editorial team of "By Associations".