Stephan Loerke's speech and interaction on Nov. 19, 2012

Dear all,

The program of the 19th evening went in an excellent manner. The participants were so happy that some of them called up the next day too, to compliment. Thanks to all Executive Council members for having supported by their personal presence and otherwise. It was an august audience of 40 people comprising our media members, ISA's member companies and from other bodies as ASCI & AAAI as you would see in the images attached. There was a good number of responses to the invitation sent from ISA secretariat. Special acknowledgement to Mr. Bharat Patel's for his contribution in the process of inviting. Thanks to Mr. Kurush Grant for all support.

Mr. Bharat Patel presented a warm welcome to Stephan and all other participants. Stephan's talk on "International Developments on Media Audience Measurement & Advertising Self-Regulation" was very interesting and kept audience involved. Post-speech interaction was lively. Mr.Brahm Vasudeva proposed a very befitting vote of thanks. A token gift (in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the ISA) of a decent pen set was presented to each participant.

Considering the uncertainty about traversing that prevailed in city on 17th & 18th and some of it on the 20th too, we owe thanks in plenty to all those who made it.

Mr. Stephan Loerke was very happy about this program and also his whole trip.